Faith In Action

Sacramental Prep

First Reconciliation

  • Preparation begins 4 weeks prior to the Sacramental date in the Fall.
  • School students and children of the parish community join together to prepare for this Sacrament.
  • Families receive this Sacrament together on the date of the child’s First Reconciliation.

First Holy Communion

  • Preparation begins 4 weeks prior to the Sacramental date in the Spring.
  • School students along with the parish community children come together during Jesus Day for a retreat day full of family fun, nature walks, games, and prayer before the Sacramental weekend.
  • A memorable weekend date and time is set aside so that each family can choose when their child will receive his/her First Holy Communion.

Focus 11

Focus 11

Focus 11A vocation oriented program that offers 6th grade students in the Diocese of St. Petersburg the opportunity to reflect of God’s unique call in their lives as well as to actively consider the possibility of priesthood and religious life for themselves.

Classroom activities aim to help 6th graders understand:

  1.  Why would we want to map out our lives? In order to be open to all vocations, we should know ourselves and what makes us happy, and learn how to know God’s will for us.
  2. How do we overcome obstacles that threaten to block our paths to holiness?  Our lives are most joyful and rewarding when we plan toward our vocation, learning to overcome obstacles along our way, and seek the best path for our own particular quest for happiness and holiness.
  3. How do we find our own means of travel to holiness? The life of Christ, his own journey to holiness and wholeness, is the map that directs our path in life – our vocation

The retreat day includes music, prayer, panel discussions, skits, keynote speakers, presentation by Bishop, a scavenger hunt and prizes from the Serra poster contest

Service to Our Community


  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
    • Benefitting St. Vincent De Paul Society
    • Classes bring in canned food for the needy
    • Boy Scouts and OLL Community sort and distribute the food
  • Respect Rally
    • Students pledge to show RESPECT to each other
    • OLL Students participate in activities with Morning Star Catholic School Students
    • All donations and money collected benefits The Special Olympics.
  • Relay for Life
    • Students walk for Cancer Survivors & Victims
    • OLL Team consists of 30 students
    • Students participate in the activities throughout the night
  • Pinellas Hope Clothing Drive
    • Adult clothing, toiletries, blankets, backpacks are collected
    • Student Council deliver them to Pinellas Hope
    • Students visit the residents
  • Catholic Schools WeekDSC_1681
    • Student Council recognizes the role Teachers & Staff make in the Catholic education of our students
    • Teacher & Staff Appreciation letters written by the Student Council members
    • Each teacher and staff member is given a red rose as a ‘Thank You’
  • Weekly Paper Recycling
    • Commissioner of Safety & Ecology supervises the recycling
    • Weekly pick up is made from all the classrooms & offices
    • School is given money for each ton of paper recycled

Haiti Mission

DSC_0030Our relationship is an affirmation of our Catholicity. Belonging to a universal Church binds and unites us to our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. Our twin parish celebrates our commitment to the developing nations, responding to the request of Pope Francis to show solidarity with the poorest of the poor. Our twin parish is a source of grace and blessing to us. The people and children of the Sacred Heart Parish and School in Acul des Pins enrich our faith lives and will help us get to heaven!

Monthly Jeans Day

  • Benefits the school children of Acul des Pins
  • We raise an average of $2,732.83 total for per school year

Summer Teacher Missions

Each summer a team of teachers along with Mr. Fulford visit Acul des Pins with the purpose of teaching English and Spanish at the Parish school. They serve as a source of hope and comfort for the people of Acul des Pins to know that we are a true community. Our teachers also learn many things of humility and faith while on this mission.