Annual Fund

Loving Father,
We thank you for all the talents and gifts you bless us with each day.
Please guide us with opportunities, like the Annual Fund, to share the gifts we have received.
Help us to be generous in our giving like your Son Jesus.
Show your face to all those we help. Strengthen and support them.
Encourage all your people to realize their talents and give them freely.

Written by Gabrielle Abrams
Class of 2015

Annual Fund 2017-2018

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Did you know?
Tuition for Our Lady of Lourdes undercuts all other private school’s private tuition rates in our area? Average full rate tuition in the area is $8,589 whereas the OLL’s tuition rate is $7,400? Parishioner and sibling discounts are also offered.

Did you know?
The cost of both digital content and traditional textbooks averages $25,000 per year?

Did you know?
Our Lady of Lourdes contributed over $40,000 tuition financial assistance to families in need?

Did you know?
If each family contributed the equivalent of one designer coffee per week, we would reach our goal?

Did you know?

Each classroom at Our Lady of Lourdes is equipped with a touchscreen smart-board which allows for more interactive learning?

Did you know?
Our goal this year is to have 100% parent participation to the Our Lady of Lourdes Annual Fund, whether it be prayer or cash donation?

Did you know?
The Our Lady of Lourdes Annual Fund is one of only three fundraisers that help support our expenses?

Did you know?
Our students have access to iPads in their classrooms affording them a higher learning experience?

Did you know?
You can make a financial contribution to the Our Lady of Lourdes Annual Fund by check, cash, credit card or monthly bank draft?

Did you know?
The Our Lady of Lourdes Annual Fund prevents us from asking each child to participate in competitive fundraising?

We are able to provide this through contributions made to the Our Lady of Lourdes Annual Fund.
Help our kids by making your contribution today!