Digital Learning at OLL


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Our Lady of Lourdes School launched an innovative technology initiative aimed at bringing classroom technology into the hands of our students. All of our classrooms are equipped with state of the art smartboards allowing our students to become active learners in their classrooms. Our kindergarten utilizes computer workstations to open the door to reading and math through Starfall curriculum. Each classroom also has an iPad station where students can use the devices to discover and learn in a way that is familiar to them. Since we found the most effective tool to fully engage our learners is the iPad, we decided to initiate the Middle School One-to-One iPad Program. This program gives each student in our Middle School his or her own iPad for school use. Our Middle School teachers implemented the tool as supplemental instruction to coordinate with our new digital curriculum, and students use the technology for note taking, test taking, and everything in between.

Implementation of the One-to-One iPad Pilot Program provides unique educational experiences that empowers self-directed, real time learning with inexhaustible resources to develop known, as well as yet unknown, passions for the arts, sciences, humanities, leadership, and faith. Recognizing the specialized needs and opportunities for 21st century learners, the use of iPads enable real world simulations and collaborative projects that allow the experiential learner to engage in tasks that face professionals now and propel them towards careers of the future.