The Athletics program at Our Lady of Lourdes coincides with our philosophy of educating the whole child, mind, body, and spirit. Aiming to expand and deepen our students’ gifts and talents, our coaches stress the value of cooperative and competitive effort both on and off the field, building a strong sense of self-confidence and school spirit.

OLL athletes take part in a legacy of competitive excellence built in the 50 years of the Romans athletics programs. We are proud members of the Pinellas Youth Conference and field twenty different competitive sports teams each year.

“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” –Hebrews 12:1

2017 JV Boys Soccer Schedule
2017 Girls JV & V Basketball Schedule

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Lady Romans

Our girls’ sports program engages students grades 5 through 8 in developing not only athletic ability, but also the life skills of motivation, endurance, inclusion, and integrity. While our athletes aim to become masters of their sport, our coaches help them build character, promote teamwork, and enliven their school community.

The girl athletes at Our Lady of Lourdes compete in a number of sports on both the varsity and junior varsity level. We begin the year with volleyball season, then move into basketball in October. The first of the year brings the soccer season, followed by track and field. The girls end their year with softball in May.

OLL Romans

The boy’s athletic program at Our Lady of Lourdes boasts an atmosphere of inclusion, competition, and sport. Our boy athletes work hard to compete both at the varsity and junior varsity levels and our exceptional coaching staff guides them in master skills, comprehending tactics, strengthening teamwork, and building character.

The young men at Our Lady of Lourdes compete in a series of varsity and junior varsity sports. They begin the year on the baseball field, then move on to soccer in October. At the first of the year, the boys hit the courts for basketball season, and then take a break for track and field. Our boys end the year with volleyball in May.